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On June 18, 1992, at the Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers (National Aviation University), a conference of 24 enterprises and organizations of civil aviation of Ukraine representatives was held in order to promote the development of airports, introduction of the latest technologies and modern special equipment, automation facilities and mechanization of manufacturing processes, airfield, airports and aviation enterprises keeping in the operating condition. At the conference Association "Airports of Ukraine" of civil aviation was created. At this event, the AAUCA Statute was approved by a majority of votes, the Board, the Revision Commission, President and Vice-President were elected.

Anatoliy Trotsenko (deputy head of the Ukrainian Civil Aviation Administration) was elected as a first president of AAUCA. Vice President was Vitaliy Kolarzh (head of  "Vinnytsia Airport").

During its existence in the activity of AAUCA there were different periods in which the allocation of airports to certain economic entities (enterprises) took place, the transfer of airports from the state to communal property, the certification of aerodromes, the conformity of production processes to the certification requirements and European standards.

The beginning of the intensive development of AAUCA came at the time of the preparation of Ukrainian airports to service the participants and guests of the final part of the European Football Championship Euro-2012 and continues to the present. At that time, responsible decisions were taken on the construction and modernization of airport infrastructure, programs, projects, regulations, instructions, and other regulatory acts were developed.

In 2013, at the General meeting of AAUCA participants Petro Lypovenko was elected as a president.

In 2014, Oleksandr Franchuk was approved by the decision of the General meeting as the Vice-President of AAUCA.

During this period, enterprises, companies, organizations for the development of advanced technologies and manufacturers of modern special technique, equipment for airports and airlines from the leading countries of the world became participants of AAUCA: USA, Germany, France, PRC, Austria and others. Today, more than 90 enterprises and organizations from 12 countries of the world, including 20 airports of Ukraine, State Aviation Enterprise "Ukraine", UkSATSE and Kredobank, Dalaman Airport (Turkey), are members of AAUCA.

Since June 2014, AAUCA is a full member of ACI Europe Council, where it cooperates effectively with all members of the ACI and represents its members in the activities of this organization.

During 5 years, for the promotion of the activities of airports, airlines of Ukraine and all AAUCA participants , information on the results of their activities, familiarization with the latest technologies, AAUCA organizes: scientific and practical conferences, international aviation forums, Aerocongresses (2014, 2015, 2016,2017, 2018) , competitions "Airport of the Year" and "Best in Profession", AAUCA board and committees meetings in Kyiv, Lviv, Chernivtsi, Vinnytsia, Odesa, France, PRC, Norway, Turkey.

AAUCA participates actively in the development of regulatory acts of the aviation industry and airport activities, always supports a transparent, independent professional position that promotes the development and restoration of all airports in Ukraine.

Key objectives:
  • assist in increase of all types of aviation safety
  • introduction of advanced methods of management and technologies improvement in aviation enterprises
  • initiate modernization of production processes
  • represent interests and protect legal rights of Association members in the central executive and legislative power, local government, international aviation organisations.
  • We managed to unite all interested in the development of aviation activity of Ukraine.
  • Created terms for communication of certain types activities experts in aviation industry.
  • Exchange international experience in management and organization of airport activities.
  • Involved to cooperation all market participants interested in air transportation.
  • Development and expert assessment of regulatory and technological acts is directly provided by specialists and experts delegated by AAUCA.
  • We are initiators of the latest technologies and equipment introduction in the airport activities.
  • We encourage direct executors of the aviation activity production processes, which raises the prestige of professions.
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