The prompt resolution of problematic issues that arise in the process of operational aviation activity is the key to further success.

The prompt resolution of problematic issues that arise in the process of operational aviation activity is the key to further success.

During the last two years, the issue of medical oxygen to the relevant DSTU and pressure has not been regulated and has created problems for airlines and airlines that use it.

To resolve this issue 11/7/2019 On the initiative of the Association "Airports of Ukraine"CA (AAUCA), on the basis of appeals from airlines and companies that use medical oxygen for aircraft service (PS) with assistance of the State Aviation Service, held a meeting to resolve these problems.

The meeting was attended by representatives of executive bodies, enterprises and organizations: AAUCA, State Aviation Service, State Service of Ukraine for Drugs and Drug Control, Ministry of Health (MOH).

The meeting was started by the President of AAUCA P. Lipovenko, and he gave the attendees information about the problem with the purchase and receipt of medical oxygen for refueling the PS during their operation and creation.

Igor Stas, a specialist in this matter, reported to the audience about the technical and commercial conditions that make it impossible to purchase and refill the medical oxygen of the aircraft.

According to Resolution No. 929 of 30.11.2016. "Licensing conditions for conducting business activities in the production of medicines, wholesale and retail trade in medicines, importation of medicines" medical oxygen supply is classified into the medicines section, which provides such leave only through retail trade in the respective institutions.

At the meeting, the participants expressed their vision for the solution of this problem and made a decision after the AAUCA's official request to the Ministry of Health, within two weeks to clarify the exclusion of medical oxygen for aviation needs from the list of means to be registered. In this way, medical oxygen manufacturers will be able to carry out unobstructed medical oxygen supply for aviation purposes.

And after studying the European experience in conducting aircraft maintenance in the area of ​​medical oxygen refueling of the emergency rescue equipment - to make changes in the relevant legal acts.

We look forward to the responsible attitude of all those interested in resolving this issue in the near future.

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