The activity of the public council (GR) at the State Aviation Service of Ukraine (SASU) of the current cadence has ended.

The activity of the public council (GR) at the State Aviation Service of Ukraine (SASU) of the current cadence has ended.

On April 27, 2021, the final meeting of the GR at DASU took place. The meeting had a quorum (19 out of 33 members of the public council took part, 17 of them online).

After approval of the agenda, the chairman of the public council Petro Lipovenko proceeded to the report on the activities of the GR at DASU, as provided by the regulations of the public council.

In his speech, Mr. Lipovenko spoke specifically about the decisions of each of the 8 meetings of the GR, and also focused on the main ones adopted collectively in the direction of improving aviation legislation and combating the effects of the pandemic. In particular, amendments and additions to the Air Code, aviation rules (AV), including "Rules for certification and approval of registered agents, known shippers" and other regulations and regulations were adopted with the support of the GR. Active consultations were held with aviation market participants and authorities, and proposals were made to improve cooperation in the aviation industry. COVID-19 pandemic appeals were sent from the State Anti-Corruption Service to the heads of the State, IMU, DASU regarding the support of airlines and compensation for losses caused by quarantine restrictions. Some of these proposals were reflected in the relevant decisions of the authorities. Given the above, at the suggestion of the chairman of the city council, the activities of the public council for the current period are generally considered satisfactory. The participants of the meeting voted unanimously for that.

Separately, Mr. Lipovenko drew the attention of those present to the fact that, although the institution of public councils under the executive authorities has existed in Ukraine for a long time, it does not have sufficient influence and control over their activities. Therefore, the next convocation of the public council should take this into account and take a more active part in the life of the State Aviation Service as a regulator and the aviation industry in general.

Regarding the candidates from the public council of the current cadence to the initiative group for the formation of a new composition of the next cadence, the following information was provided that the following candidates were submitted to the DASU in agreement with the leadership and chairmen of the cG: B. Dolintse, V. Biskupsky, V. Reznik , V. Yatsenko. To determine the two in the order of the DASU.

Secretary of the Public Council K. Novikov reported on the revised draft work plan of the council for the current year, which was voted unanimously. Given that this meeting is final for the current convocation, it was decided to propose this work plan as a basis for the next convocation.

Closing the meeting, the chairman of the public council thanked all 35 representatives of civil society institutions for active participation in the life of the aviation industry of Ukraine and expressed interest in aviation and its issues, as well as the leadership of the State Aviation Service for support and cooperation in the public council. activities without any quarantine restrictions.

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