The decisions taken at the meetings of the Committee of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" CA (AAUCA) find support and are accepted for execution.

AAUCA has repeatedly raised the issue of imperfect, outdated regulatory legal acts in various areas of airport activities. Today, some regulatory legal acts have been used since the times of the USSR. So, starting in 2018, the Aerodrome Technical Support Committee considered this issue, and at the last meeting held on June 16, 2021, it decided to apply to the Central Executive Authorities for the development and implementation of a national standard for the design, construction and operation of airfields and airfield complexes.

There is good news that on the initiative of the AAUCA, the Ministry of Community and Territorial Development has found an opportunity for funding and now a working group consisting mainly of AAUCA members (specialists from the National Aviation University, Uniprom LLC, DS Aero LLC, Kiivaeroproekt LLC), started developing this important document.

At a meeting of the aviation fuel supply committee, which took place on September 30, 2021, the issue of the absence of state national standards for quality control of aviation fuels of the TS and RT, to replace those issued in the USSR, which, according to the government's decision, will cease to operate from 01.01.22, was discussed.

By the decision of the AAUCA committee, a working group was created from specialists of fuel and lubricants of NAU and airports of Ukraine, who will prepare the necessary proposals on the priority of the development of normative and technical documentation. Chairman of the Technical Committee (TC-38) under the Ministry of Economy, which carries out the functions of technical regulation and standardization in the field of petroleum products - Bogdan Kochirko assured that the Technical Committee headed by him will process the provided list and will not allow the absence of existing standards and regulatory and technical acts among the operators of airlines.

Unfortunately, the participants in the meeting of the aviation fuel supply committee did not receive a response from the representatives of the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine on the timing of the implementation of the Aviation Rules (instead of the Order to SAAU No. 416 dated June 14, 2006) on the provision of aircraft refueling with fuels and lubricants and technical fluids in aviation enterprises.

We hope that the Agreement on Joint Aviation Space (SAP) between Ukraine and the EU, signed on October 12, 2021, will accelerate the development and implementation of the absent laws and regulations.


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