In the business and professional context, issues regarding safety measures at aviation fuel supply facilities were discussed.

On May 14, 2024, at the initiative of the Faculty of Environmental Safety of the National Aviation University (NAU), with the participation of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" of civil aviation, an online (Zoom conference) round table was held to discuss safety measures at aviation fuel supply facilities.

The event aimed to convey knowledge and information on safety measures and actions to engineering and technical personnel, as well as fuel complex managers, in conditions of wartime and emergencies.

Approximately 15 people participated in the event, while all other interested parties were directed to a video recording of the conference with presentations.

The presentations of the participants covered the following topics:
- Identification of high-risk objects;
- ICAO approach to aviation safety management;
- Ensuring general safety and cybersecurity at aviation fuel supply facilities;
- Monitoring the process of obtaining biogas as fuel from biomass and waste (a joint Ukrainian-Austrian project);
- Maintenance of suitability and protection of technological equipment at aviation fuel supply facilities in extreme conditions, including projects involving underground reservoirs.

In their conclusions, the roundtable participants emphasized the necessity of improving safety measures at aviation fuel supply facilities.

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