"Mykolayiv region is a reliable partner"

"Mykolayiv region is a reliable partner"

Under such a slogan was the Mykolaiv Economic Forum, where the main theme was "Status and development of the infrastructure of the region."

Along with the statement of the Minister of Infrastructure V. Omelian and the report of the chairman of the Regional State Administration Mr. O. Savchenko, panel discussions were organized on all transport sectors, including the panel "Aviation infrastructure", moderated by the president of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" CA (AAUCA) P.Lypovenko

According to the participants of the event, they were about 250 people, including people's deputies of Ukraine, representatives of foreign states, united communities of the region, potential investors, it was easy to report to the head of the OSA, since much has been done in the region for the past 3 years to improve living conditions inhabitants of Mykolayiv region. As the President of AUACA noted in his speech, and he was supported by all the participants, only today's leaders of the region, the city of Mykolayiv, especially the director of the Mykolayiv International Airport, F. Barn managed to restore the capacity of all the objects and departments of the airport, to prepare staff, sign agreements, obtain certificates on the airfield and all kinds of activities when servicing air transportation at the airport.

The airport is a social-strategic enterprise, one of the main infrastructure objects of the region, for which over 10 years the regional and city leaders did not pay attention, and it under the influence of various figures collapsed, operating objects that brought income, were transferred to private management.

In spite of all these circumstances, today's leaders have found strength, understanding and means to restore such a necessary to the inhabitants of the region of the enterprise.

"Today, Mykolaiv International Airport is fully ready to serve both international and domestic flights", with the words of the director of the airport, Fedor Barna, under the applause of those present, the panel air board ended.

We are waiting for new safe take-offs and landings at the Nikolaev airport for the joy of the inhabitants and business partners of the region.

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