We hope that the relationship between the Association "Airports of Ukraine" and Germany Association will bring fruitful results

We hope that the relationship between the Association "Airports of Ukraine" and Germany Association will bring fruitful results.

Within the framework of the delegation's stay of representatives of airports and airlines - members of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" CA (AAUCA) at enterprises and establishments of Germany, trained by emergency rescue teams and providing civil protection of residents, air traffic safety, a meeting between the President of AAUCA Petro Lypovenko and the representative of the Association of Airports Germany (ADV) in Brussels - Hornig Rupert. The meeting lasted for two hours at the Brussels office of the ADV, which discussed issues of relationship and cooperation between associations.

ADV was organized in 1947, it is the oldest organization that combines German airports, has extensive experience in promoting airport development and is one of the leaders of the Council of European Airports (ACI).

As a result of the meeting, agreements were reached on the support of ADVs of Ukrainian airports in the development and implementation of European standards, advisory and practical cooperation in their activities.

Specific issues and measures that can be implemented with the further cooperation of the Associations:

- Assistance and consultation in reforming the structure and activities of AAUCA according to the European model;

- Practical acquaintance of managers, managers of airports, air companies with the effect of regulatory - legal, regulatory acts, interrelationships between airports with related structures, units in the organization of air transportation;

- Signing of agreements on the subject of partnership and cooperation directly between the airports of Ukraine and Germany;

- Solving the problem of implementation of used special equipment for ground handling and maintenance of airfields by airports in Germany to airports, air companies in Ukraine;

- Internship of airport specialists of Ukraine at airports of Germany;

- Practicing students at aviation universities at airports and aviation enterprises in Germany.

All issues will be reflected in a joint memorandum, which is scheduled to be signed in the 3rd decade of January 2018.

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